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I discovered Yoga as a young student, along with the enormous benefits of how moving the body with breathe and awareness helps to maintain good balance and health for everyday life. I continued to practice daily, and trained as a yoga teacher, whilst working in the financial world for fifteen years, and throughout my pregnancies.  I now have a full-time yoga practice, based in Paris, where I live with my family.  


In addition to my love of yoga, I have a passion for writing, dancing, and swimming, and I return to Ireland regularly to swim in the rivers and sea there.

Born in southern Ireland, my roots are deeply intertwined with the beauty and magic of the natural world.  The connection between holisitc rituals and our energy levels, positive mood and beauty led me to recognise self care, and the use of of natural cosmetics, as an immensely nurturing and healing daily practice.


It was the desire to link these nourishing yoga practices and holistic skincare that brought me to Face Yoga. 


Face yoga addresses women’s and men’s needs to counter the impact of daily life with gentle and nurturing practices, carried out with a heightened awareness and consciousness, and ultimately introduce us to a more glowing, youthful and radiant skin. 

Today I am delighted to design and teach facial yoga beauty routines and yoga practices for women and men all over the world.  

As an experienced Yoga and Face Yoga teacher, supported by years of study in holisitic wellness and personal practice, my work maintains a focus on self-care and development, on a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level.


I share classes, workshops, retreats, and online programmes, as well as offering one-to-one personal consultations to develop programmes tailored to each individual’s needs.

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