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A woman who is beautiful and radiant is a woman who loves herself. To really love oneself and be in harmony, she has to understand herself and her body, and listen to her emotions.  True self-love is a path.  It takes time and patience.  Age is never in the way of beauty. It’s not a question of getting old, but of aging beautifully. 

Yoga dans la nature

How Face Yoga Supports Inner and Outer Beauty

Facial Yoga helps us to keep facial muscles firm, toned, supple and healthy.  We naturally turn to yoga to improve and sculpt our muscles and to find tone and suppleness in the body.  We can do exactly same with facial yoga, bringing that mindful attention and nurturing care to the delicate areas of the face and neck. 


The face is home to over 50 small muscles that move constantly throughout the day, allowing us to express ourselves and communicate with the world. As we age the skin’s collagen and elastin production slows and it becomes less able to withstand the pull of gravity and stress on the face, leading it to sag develop lines. 

Apart from loss of muscle tone there are other factors that come into play over time, such as the slowing down of cellular regeneration, and diminishing levels of hyaluronic acid.

Naturally energise and tone the skin, redefine the face contours, fade small and deeper lines and lift & open the eyes, move out double chin

Facial yoga offers ways to easily and gently work these muscles to naturally reshape and reinvigourate our face and features.  By strengthening the underlying structure we can quickly help the skin to have visible, long-lasting results. Facial contours are sculpted, tired features are plumped and replenished, puffiness is reduced, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, the appearance of pores and blemishes is improved. 

Self-massage and acupressure practices in face Yoga deeply stimulate what the skin looses as we age : collagen production and elastin, by helping to circulate blood, lymph and energy through the connective tissue, muscles and bones. It reduces puffiness, improves the texture of your skin, and results in greater definition. You will feel completely renewed. 

In Acupressure we can tap or massage specific points on the face to both activate the energy circulation, and release both physical and emotional tension. Regenerating the skin’s surface will also prepare the skin for optimum absorption of natural and nourishing beauty products.

"Beauty is as beauty does"
Estee Lauder 

The lines and wrinkles stem that appear on the face stem from tension, and the contraction of when we experience an emotion. Attending to the deeper needs of the spirit and soul through this gentle nurturing practice can really impact our outer radiance. The mindful awareness of holistic practices like Yoga and Yin Yoga brings real benefits that can be felt, inside and out. These methods will be a wonderful, lifelong guide for you to use morning and evening (5-10 mins) when applying your beauty products daily. 


My practice integrates three approaches to holistic beauty: 


Facial Yoga : to tone lax facial muscles and to smooth and release tension.


Self massage and facial acupressure : to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and to activate cellular regeneration and energy through the connective tissue, muscles and bones of the face. All of these contribute to releasing both emotional and physical held tension.

Yoga :  Regular yoga and subtle body yoga practice, along with breath work and mediation will enhance all these benefits and support our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing 

Natural Cosmetics : To compliment these approaches I suggest the use of clean, natural, plant-based, and organic beauty products.  Using beauty tools like guasha, rollers, mushrooms and acupressure wands will amplify the benefits of the energising, toning, smoothing. 



Facial yoga harnesses the power of touch in the service of wellness.  To really touch the delicate skin of our with pure consciousness and tenderness is an act of self-love. 

Scène pastorale

« Your beauty, your health, and much of your youthful vitality can be recovered simply by listening to, and returning to, gentle waves of your inner world that is alive with feelings and thoughts »
Susan West Kurz

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