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My private Facial Yoga consultations can be carried out in person, in the Paris Latin Quarter (link appointment), and online.

These sessions will allow you to benefit from a personal diagnosis and find a practice adapted to your personal beauty needs. I am happy to carry out consultations in English or French.  Les soins peuvent être pratiques en anglais ou en français

Sessions 1h15

The session starts by looking at your skin and determining what you would like to improve.  The face is observed in the context of your overall health, exploring stress, digestive and hormonal issues, for example, which are all reflected on the face.

This information is used to design facial yoga, acupressure and self-massage routines that will address your needs, and you will be coached (video of session will be sent to download) so you can put a routine into practice in a daily routine for 4 – 6 weeks.

You will see an immediate difference following the session, renewed with a new ability to remove tensions, brighten and rejuvenate the skin whereever you are. Being an accumulative process, your daily face yoga practice will bring enhanced results over time. 


We will arrange a follow up video/call a 3- 4 weeks following the initial consultation.

Your subsequent session (20 mins)  will review your practice and integrate on the gains of your established daily practice.  


Face Yoga Personal Consultations : 120€ online and 130€ in person

Group Classes : 15€ (55€ bundle of 4)

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